10/06/2022 at 01:00


    The point guard retired last summer and was greeted with applause at Spar Girona’s league debut

    Palau’s shirt has been withdrawn and he will share a ‘roof’ with that of other legends

    Laia Palau received this afternoon emotional tribute during the break of the first league match between Spar Girona and the Valencia. The base was removed last summer leaving an impeccable track record.

    The Girona, where played his last years of career and team of which she is now the sports director, has presented her with a shirt with her number 3 on it, and the Fortajau Pavilion has been undone in applause towards the basereceived on the track with a corridor by the players of the quarry.

    From this Wednesday, Laia Palau’s shirt will be illuminated ‘on the roof’ of the pavilion along with other legends like Anna Carbo either Naomi Jordan. Curiously, the tribute to Palau took place in the match against the last team he facedValencia.

    What has happened to me is that I have had incredible luck“, said Palau, visibly moved, before encouraging the fans to “continue with the show”.

    In sports, the Uni Girona joined the party winning by 68-62.