Status: 05.10.2022 8:38 p.m

    Third division football team Dynamo Dresden is taking action from the violent incidents during the away game in Bayreuth last weekend.

    For the upcoming guest performances of the SGD, tickets should only be sold to registered club members. “For the time being, there will no longer be a free sale for the away games,” according to a club statement.

    Regulation applies for the first time to the game at Rot-Weiss Essen

    The regulation applies for the first time to the away game of the Saxons at Rot-Weiss Essen on October 15th. The club management wants to discuss further measures with the committees and the organized fan scene starting next week. Dynamo also stated that “The initiated process takes time and keeps both the association and the security authorities responsible for the investigation busy for several weeks” will.

    We are still in contact with the Bayreuth Gaming Association in order to contribute to the complete clarification of the crimes committed and, if possible, to make an appropriate contribution to making good the damage caused. On Thursday, Dynamo’s managing directors Ralf Becker and Jürgen Wehlend want to comment on the events in Bayreuth and the current status of the workup as part of a media round.