Kate Middleton goes shopping in vegan jeans and boots

TOEven future queens wear boots to go shopping. Kate Middleton got off her heels for once and he wore a pair of vegan faux leather Blundstones for a day from “Yummy mammy”, like a fantastic mom, as the British call super mothers. The British tabloid reveals the behind-the-scenes shots Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton, shopping in a casual version

Kate Middleton was spotted shopping by Peter Jones in Sloane Square in the center of Kensington Palace before being picked up by bodyguards in a BMW. The Duchess wore jeans, a £ 449 Ralph Lauren gray wool sweater, and a lightly coat over Massimo Dutti from 249 pounds and finally the “Chelsea” series Blundstone boots, beloved from all over the world of the star system.

The future queen often indulges in “bourgeois” forays by diving into Saturday shopping. During the week, like all working women, from working royals, it must follow institutional commitments and the dress code is decidedly more formal. Kate, therefore, allowed herself a moment of relaxation.

Kate Middleton turns 40: the journey from

The new commitments of a future queen

The Duchess of Cambridge recently was nominated patroness of English rugby becoming a “rose” from the symbol that the players have on the shirt. In the past the office had belonged to Prince Harry. It will be interesting to see her cheer on the team when they play against Wales (sponsored by Prince William) or Scotland (Princess Anne).

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Kate Middleton goes shopping (from the Daily Mail via Instagram)

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