Jennifer Lopez brunette, the Expensive Brunette strikes again

S.only three days ago the singer Jennifer Lopez she had made her last appearance on social media with an extra long hair and glossy red lipstick, thanks to hairstylist of the stars Chris Appleton, and only sixteen hours ago the cards on the table changed again. Yes why, JLo is back brunette, or rather Expensive Brunette.

Jennifer Lopez brown: the great return of dark hair

Color more than trend of 2022 has already stolen the hearts of many celebrities, thanks to those natural and multifaceted shades that make you dream. Trend launched by Hailey Bieber, il “Expensive Brunette” color is now a must among celebrities that are abandoning – one by one – bleaching, balayage and shatush, in favor of the most trendy color of the moment.

Jennifer Lopez’s new rich brown color. Credits: Instagram @ chrisappleton1

Called “the new blond”, this dark color is conquering all those hair that have been lightened for a very long time, creating intense shades on the entire hair but at the same time giving a multi-faceted effect – not trivial – that enhances the face.

Jennifer Lopez as Karlie Kloss, the last to darken her hair

Elisabetta Canalis says goodbye to the blond, turns brown and makes the fans happy

Elisabetta Canalis says goodbye to the blond, turns brown and makes the fans happy

He dropped out later ten years her iconic blonde hair from California Karlie Kloss also choosing this new dark color and giving her hair a natural look to perfection. The same choice was made by JLo, who has preferred for years illuminate her hair with ad hoc lightening and created specifically to enhance the original nuance.

Today, however, things have changed, thanks to the hair dye made by Appleton: a wise man mix of light and dark shades that give life to a new one rich brown hair color which harmonizes perfectly with the Latin tones of the singer and enhances them without, however, saying goodbye to the blond in a definitive way.

JLo’s new look

The new hairlook is therefore significantly shorter, abandoning not only the “Caramel Blond” we were used to but also the extensions, and finally showing the true length of her hair. While as regards the texture, the hair has been styled in gods very open ringlets, in perfect “Hollywood diva” style.

Simple but not trivial, theExpensive Brunette is therefore a tribute to the natural beauty of hair abandoning fictitious constructions to show a more authentic and true hair. As for the color, however, we can in fact note that inside the brown there are still some blonde micro streaks that illuminate the complexion and give a glossy effect, warming the entire hair.

Natural yes, but with a booster of extra brightness and elegance.



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