Italian nurse empties vaccine into towel: arrested for fraud | Abroad

The woman, named Anna Maria Lo Brano, worked at a vaccination center in Palermo. She was caught red-handed by the police after cameras were installed in the room. The video footage has been released by the local Italian police.

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The images clearly show how the nurse worked. She squirted the contents into a cloth and only then pricked the arm of a candidate. At least ten people have managed to get a corona pass in this way. Local media report that they paid about 400 euros for this ‘service’.


Italy has further tightened restrictions on people who still had not been vaccinated by December 6. Vaccinations are now mandatory for health professionals, teachers, law enforcement officers and the military.

A police officer and a nurse received a fake jab from Lo Brano and were able to get to work. Both have been suspended, said Leopoldo Laricchia, chief of police in Palermo.

Three people, including the nurse and a local leader of the movement known in Italy as ‘No-Vax’, have been arrested and charged with corruption and fraud.


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