Investui experiences: The brand of WH SelfInvest in the test

This is how Investui works

investment* follows four different strategies. Each of these is described in detail. You can find out more about them on the website and trade on other platforms if you wish. The performance of these strategies is shown in a backtest of more than ten years. Each of them is based on scientific principles with many studies, some of which go back more than 100 years. All open positions are displayed on the website with real-time profit and loss. Investui also offers a webinar once a month with results, explanations and the opportunity to ask questions. An expert is always live online.

Investui emphasizes that they value maximum simplicity and transparency with good results. For each strategy they select, the client will receive an email with an alert indicating that there is an opportunity now. He then only has to click on the position size in the e-mail so that the position is opened and later automatically closed again. Neither a trading platform, login nor a TAN is required. “In fact, the process has been simplified to the point that a simple click in an email is enough,” said Dominic Schorle, Head of Brokerage Desk at WH SelfInvest, in one Interview with the Wirtschaftskurier.

Investui has also been part of WH SelfInvest’s asset management since 2021. The customer selects the risk category here and gives the provider a mandate – then he doesn’t have to do anything else. There are also no additional costs for this service.


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