HSV fans criticize raid on the train – that’s what the federal police say

After the hours-long control operation in Bergedorf, there was harsh criticism of the federal police. She now justifies herself for her efforts.

855 HSV fans were checked at Hamburg-Bergedorf train station for almost seven hours on Saturday evening. The federal police suspected that they were suspects who were said to have fought with BVB supporters in Mannheim months earlier. After the operation, serious allegations were made against the officers.

The Fanhilfe Nordtribüne announced legal action and asked those affected to contact them. Politics also made the operation an issue: the Hamburg left-wing faction submitted a small question to the Senate about the “inappropriate” control. The Greens, the SPD and the FDP also questioned the proportionality.

Federal police reject criticism of deployment after HSV game

The federal police initially did not comment further on the allegations and on Monday, in response to a request from t-online, referred to a press release that was sent out on Tuesday morning. “Overall, the Federal Police assess the operation in Hamburg-Bergedorf as proportionate, necessary in terms of operational tactics and as an expression of consistent law enforcement. The measures taken were proportionate to the desired goal. The Federal Police also ensured the necessary logistical support measures,” it said.

The federal police rejected criticism of their actions. This meant that 300 uninvolved people could have continued their journey on an S-Bahn “in a timely manner”. Women and minors were given priority. Fans who have not yet been checked could have used the sanitary facilities in the heated train. There would have been transparent announcements on the train during the check. The authority said trained personnel were on hand to provide any first aid measures that may be required.