Horoscope: the influences of Mercury on the 12 zodiac signs

M.Hercury in Gemini has decided to stay until 11 July. No luggage is needed, he is the airy home of the word, the place where Dante gave birth to Divine Comedy.

The Southern Hemisphere from “Harmonia macrocosmica, Atlas universalis et novus” (1660) by Andreas Cellarius (photo Ipa).

He seems happy to slip away from the slow pace of his predecessor in Taurus, Mercury of Earth not to be underestimated, because it was he who coined the phrase of Walt Whitman (Gemini with Mercury in Taurus): «Do I contradict myself? Well yes, I contradict myself ».

In reverse, Mercury in Aries he is famous for his impetuousness, Philip Roth’s lightning-fast word, Einstein’s brilliant idea, both Pisces with Mercury in the first sign of Fire.

The planet of the word, when it enters Cancerbecomes madeleine of Proustian memory that composes up the ladder of memories In search of lost time. In LeoMercury turns into Bukowski’s roar followed by a bunch of exclamations.

In Virgo it is a thought word that remains next to Tolstoy as he writes War and Peace. Mercury in Libra it has the aesthetic trait of Italo Calvino, but as soon as it passes in Scorpionand takes on the voracious and pungent tones of Giorgio Manganelli’s “literary concupiscence”.

In Sagittarius flows in Giuseppe Berto’s stream of consciousness, while in Capricorn sneaks into Charles Dickens’ adventurous word. Then, when it is in Aquarius becomes Jack London’s ideological writing. And in Pisces? She plunges into the sensual feeling of Lou Salomé.

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