Friends of Pete Davidson warned about the Kardashian series

Pete Davidson, who is dating Kim Kardashians, received a warning from his friends that the man should not take part in the filming of The Kardashians.

Davidson’s loved ones were of the opinion that the comedian’s career no longer needed to appear on a reality TV show. AOP

A comedian socializing with media personality Kim Kardashian Pete Davidsonin loved ones warned the man about the Kardashian clan’s new series, The Kardashians.

Inside sources say the comedian’s friends for Page Six thought Davidson shouldn’t appear in the series.

– His career has already taken off, where he no longer needs it, the source says.

Davidson’s close circle also points out that the men of Kardashia’s sisters don’t usually make it into the reality TV world. By this, the sources refer to Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom, among others, in the midst of the uproar.

– It’s a sure way to kill a relationship. Participation in the program will destroy every man, a close circle is claimed.

Kim Kardashian has told Variety not to shoot the new series with Davidson.

– I’m not against it. He just doesn’t do that.

Sources: Page Six, Variety