Rob Kardashian: I didn’t love my spouse

Real TV actor Rob Kardashian says at the trial that he did not love his ex-wife Blac Chyna during their relationship.

Rob Kardashian has been arguing with his ex-wife Chyna in court for a long time. EPA / AOP

Rob Kardashian35, says at the trial that he did not love his ex-spouse Blac Chynaa during their relationship.

The ex-couple is currently on trial.

Kardashian says Chynan accepted her at his weakest, which is why she thought the woman was her right spouse.

The ex-couple has a 5-year-old daughter together Dream.

Rob Kardhashian has told the court about the violence of his ex-spouse, among other things, he claims that Chynan, among other things, beat her husband five times.

Kardashian and Chyna were dating in 2016 and 2017. Their relationship was made into a reality series.

Chyna has sued the Kardashian family because she said the family contributed to the termination of the series after one season of production.

The trial is still ongoing. On Friday Kim Kardashian was acquitted of some of the charges.

Chyna’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend and the rest of Kardhashian’s family has long been inflamed. In the past, the ex-couple has fought in court over, among other things, custody of their daughter.

Rob Kardashian is Kris Jennerin and Robert Kardashianin the only male child. Until 2012, she participated in the reality TV show Keeping Up with The Kardashians of her famous siblings.

His own reality series Rob & Chyna was shown in 2016.

Blac Chyna will arrive at the court hearing in Los Angeles on April 29th. LELE, NINO, AOP

Source: Voice, AbcNews