No.more frontal lessons but active learning, where students become the protagonists and start from real problems, to which they must try to give concrete answers. Luiss’s teaching approach is increasingly connected with the business world and their needs. Not surprisingly, the keywords of the offer are “Innovation” and “sustainability”.

    The world of work is changing, companies are struggling to find the required profiles, as the surveys of Unioncamere and Anpal periodically underline. By 2025, six out of 10 workers will need to have green or digital skills, and it is estimated that by 2050 the green change will bring 1 million jobs to Italy. These are transversal skills, which concern marketing such as law or management. Better gear up right away, therefore, by choosing courses that can offer concrete perspectives.

    The Luiss campus in viale Romania, in Rome.

    On April 1st, registrations will close entrance test for master’s degrees at Luiss, of the academic year 2022/23, which will take place online from 11 to 14 April. Among the most innovative courses, worth mentioning Data science and management, to train digital professionals, or Global management and politicsfor future international managers, or Policy and Governance in Europeof great relevance in today’s political context.

    For tomorrow we need curious, active young people, capable of asking the right questions, in possession of the best tools to look for the answers. Young people at the forefront, attentive to sustainability and the environment. With a new vision of politics, especially the European one. And yes, there is a need.