Google takes over Israeli cybersecurity specialist Siemplify

Specialized in cybersecurity, the start-up Siemplify passes the colors of Google. As reported Calcalist, the group would have put no less than $ 500 million on the table to afford the young Israeli startup, co-founded in 2015 by Amos Stern (CEO), Alon Cohen (CTO) and Garry Fatakhov (COO). In all, Siemplify has 200 employees across Israel, the United States and London. Living forces that will directly join the ranks of Google once the agreement is fully finalized. The firm is not expected to disappear, however, as Google plans to use it to form the basis of its cybersecurity operations in Israel. It will also still be managed by its three co-founders, but will pass under the aegis of the Cloud division of the Californian giant, we read.

Siemplify, owner of a platform like no other

Beyond the skills of its employees, Siemplify interests Google for the platform it has developed over the years. Calcalist explains in particular that this platform was designed to serve as an “operating system” for security operations centers. Unlike other cybersecurity orchestration, automation and response platforms, it is therefore capable of managing all end-to-end security operations. The platform developed by Siemplify is also designed to dynamically model the management of alerts and thus reduce the number of cases that a team has to deal with. It is also able to provide information allowing teams to have a better idea of ​​the context in which a security alert occurs. These are all assets that Google intends to take advantage of.

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As a reminder, the acquisition of Siemplify takes place in a very specific context for Google. In August 2021, Sundar Pichai, CEO of the firm, promised US President Joe Biden to invest $ 10 billion in cybersecurity over the next 5 years. An amount that will aim to improve its cybersecurity programs, help secure software in the supply chain, and strengthen the security of free software. It will also be used to train 100,000 Americans in the areas of IT support and data analysis, among others.

For Google, the purchase of Siemplify is therefore one of the first initiatives to be part of this investment program. Last year, the firm also invested $ 50 million in Cybereason, another Israeli cybersecurity company.


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