From BZ/dpa

    Berlin’s Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) can imagine briefly switching off the power supply in individual districts as an emergency measure in the energy crisis.

    The most important thing is protecting the power supply infrastructure from overload, said Giffey on Thursday evening on the ZDF talk show “Markus Lanz”.

    “If you then have to go without electricity at certain points for two hours, for three hours, then that is a scenario that is justifiable.” Everyone could prepare for that. “But it’s not something that’s urgent now.”

    Franziska Giffey emphasized that the problem at the moment is not the empty gas tanks, “but that we have a huge sale of these fan heaters that you plug into the socket.” If gas heating and district heating failed, people would heat with electricity.

    “Let’s assume that everyone starts to run the oven at full load, leave the washing machine running and plug in the fan heater (…), then they have the problem that the systems are overloaded.” The electricity companies and the prepare policy.

    The Senate recently emphasized that the risk of a prolonged and widespread power failure, a so-called blackout, was “to be classified as very low”.

    However, in the worst-case scenario in winter, if there is no natural gas supply, the power grids could be shut down in certain locations and for a limited period of time.