Personal style of dressing does not look at age.

    These outfit pictures prove: even though age is on the meter, style doesn’t have to be boring. We gathered wonderful style samples of inspiring people over 50 to draw outfit ideas from.

    See the pictures:

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    American actress Tracee Ellis Ross, 49, is a fashionable and personable dresser whose style is primarily dominated by bright colors, patterns and inventive outfit combinations. The star’s background is from the fashion world, as she used to be a model and worked as a fashion editor in the American fashion magazine Mirabella published in the nineties and in New York magazine.

    The star combined two surprising bright colors in the same outfit and shows how good a red, classic pencil skirt looks with a turquoise, body-hugging ball shirt with oversized shoulder pads. An inventive outfit combination that really works!

    On the streets of Köpis, the fashion capital of the Nordic countries, you can find people of all ages dressed more stylishly and with more personality.

    In this outfit, the Köpis fashion weeks have started around the trendy logo mania. The outfit is built around the logo pattern of the favorite brand Gucci, which is prominently displayed not only on the skirt and tights, but also on the open-backs. An army green pilot jacket, purple sunglasses and cheerful orange bring cheerful splashes of color to the outfit. Leather, Orange opera gloves would work just as well with a black jacket to brighten up the outfit.

    Ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles by Heather Mills54, a white, long-sleeved ribbed knit dress is perfect for fall.

    Mills lost one of his legs in a police motorcycle accident in London years ago and has a prosthetic leg: that doesn’t stop him from favoring high heels, however.

    British actress and singer Cynthia Erivon, 53, plays the cornerstone of her playful style with plush textural details, which are often seen in the star’s outfits.

    This look has more juju like a black, minimal ruffle dress with a checkered polo collar. Toffee-colored suede high-heeled, platform-soled over-the-knee boots give the 1.54 m tall star a lot of extra height. The outfit is crowned by gold jewelry and a cool, orange knitted beret.

    The outfit of the American actress Melissa McCarthy, 51, even puts everyone in a good mood. A guaranteed stylish piece is a button-down shirt dress, and McCarthy chose one in a cool, graphic zigzag pattern. Italian fashion house Valentino’s wide, black leather belt with the brand’s logo calms the outfit and accentuates the star’s waist.

    McCarthy could have chosen the rest of the accessories in black, but she clearly wanted to have fun, and so the choice of shoes and bag in the actress’s outfit also glow in the colors of the rainbow.

    Forget the boring black outfit sometimes! Ysäri’s favorite model Cindy Crawford, 56, has an entire everyday outfit made up of earthy, light tones. The model combined light, relaxed jeans with a powder pink shirt, sunglasses, a cognac-colored suede jacket and mud-colored, heeled suede ankle boots. The relaxed outfit is completed by a basic poncho that can be whipped up in ten seconds and a masculine wristwatch.

    You can also be daring when it comes to party dressing, as actress Diane Keaton, 76, shows. For decades, the star has been known for his personal and wild style, and when you follow Keaton’s style choices, you can see that an important criterion for the star when dressing is to have fun and enjoy fashion.

    The actor’s sequin dress and beret prove that open-minded fashion really looks good on people of all ages. A classic favorite garment becomes interesting in an instant when you choose one in a surprising material such as sequin fabric.

    Actress and film director Maggie Gyllenhaal’s 44-year-old, fluffy, powder pink festive wrap top is silk chiffon and resembles the blouse choice of a sophisticated ballerina. The star paired it with a gold lamé skirt in Hollywood at a Chopard dinner party. Despite the golden skirt, the choice of jewelry for the stylish outfit is specifically silver-toned white gold: when you combine two different-toned metals in the same outfit, the whole thing easily becomes more interesting.

    The outfit of American model Maye Musk, 74, consists of festive black velvet trousers, a white collared shirt and high-heeled glitter sandals. The juju of the black, simple classic blazer is a two-piece brooch combo that gives an otherwise black and white outfit a hint of color. The model’s choice of bag is a powder pink, quilted classic leather bag from the French luxury fashion house Christian Dior, which elegantly echoes the color scheme of the brooch.

    Actress Tilda Swinton, 61, is known for her personal and surprising style of dressing. The star’s trademarks often include androgynous clothes, which the star’s wardrobe seems to overflow with.

    Here, Swinton shows how black straight leg classic trousers pair with a white dove collared shirt as a bottom. Especially when finishing the black and white outfit with red lips.