From museums to bars, the list of activities with a reinforced green pass requirement is growing

With yet another decree passed by the Government Thursday 23 December to try to contain the coronavirus pandemic and the advance of the Omicron variant (which has risen to 28% of cases and is destined to explode in the coming weeks), the rules on green certification are still changing. Here is a summary of an updated picture with particular reference to the activities allowed only to those in possession of a “strengthened” green pass (ie obtained with vaccination or recovery) also required in the white area until January 15, 2022.


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From December 15, 2021 the validity of the green vaccination certification has increased from 12 to 9 months. From February 1, 2022, however, changes again: the duration of the green pass vaccination will further decrease: from 9 to 6 months.

The revocation

The green certification is revoked following a positive test by a person in possession of a green pass. The national platform-DGC generates a revocation and inserts the relevant identifiers in the list of revoked certifications that are recognized as invalid and communicated to the European Gateway so that they are also considered invalid in the other Member States. The revocation is notified to the interested party. The measure is canceled following the issuance of the Green Positive Healing Certification.

Children excluded

Children under 12 are exempt from the obligation of green certification to access activities and services for which the “green pass” is required, such as eating seated at the table in an indoor room of a restaurant, visiting a museum or an amusement park, take local or long-distance transport. Children aged 5 to 11 who undergo the vaccination still receive green certification.

Reinforced green pass: the updated list

After further government intervention, from 25th December the list of activities allowed only to those who have the reinforced green pass (obtained with vaccination or recovery from the infection) is extended:


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