Because in politics any gesture is valuable in terms of communication and meaning, the clothes of presidents, officials and candidates are not left out of this equation in which all the elements add up to the final message.

    the look of France Marquezbrand new vice president of Colombiaduring the campaign, his election and his oath, did not go unnoticed by the world, due to his strong cultural imprint: a testimony of his roots and an important gesture towards that part of the Colombian people that shares them.

    After seeing the magnificent blue, yellow and white dress that he wore on the day of his inauguration, everyone is talking about Esteban Sinisterra Pazthe 23-year-old who is turning the so-called “Afro-Colombian fashion”. Sinisterra stated in a note to The New York Times that the goal of her work is the “decoloniality of being.” As the designer explained, Márquez’s look fully represents the women of the Colombian Pacific.

    Esteban African, as he is known, also told the magazine Semana, that since “day one I have worked on his image and on his ‘rags’ as she and I call them, those rags that tell the stories of a people seeking be heard in each of its designs and figures”.

    Esteban Sinisterra Paz

    As a gesture, the style that the first vice president of Colombia has imposed involves departing from the typical uniform of Western politics and reminding the world that democratic representatives have a duty to be the voice of all. Afro-Colombians, about 7 percent of the country’s population, are also from the poorest sector of Colombia.

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