In the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games held in Konya, the Under-23 National Football Team defeated Cameroon 3-2 in its second match.

    Cameroon took the lead 1-0 with Marou’s goal in the 24th minute of the match played at Selcuk University 15 July Stadium. The crescent-star team that increased its pressure before the end of the period, 45+2. Equalized the score with the goal of Eren Karadağ in the minute and the teams went to the locker room with a 1-1 draw.

    Taking the lead with Eren Aydın in the 61st minute in the second half, Turkey doubled the lead with Tayyip Sanuç’s goal in the 81st minute: 3-1. Although Cameroon brought the score to 3-2 with Wassou’s goal in the 85th minute, Turkey left the field with a victory and got 3 points.

    On the other hand, the match is 90+4. Cameroonian football player Moursou saw a red card and left his team with 10 players.

    Defeating Senegal 1-0 in the first match, Turkey won the second match and rose to 6 points. According to the score of the Algeria-Senegal match to be played tonight, the national team can guarantee promotion to the semi-finals before the last matches.

    Cameroon, on the other hand, lost to Turkey after Algeria and could not meet with points.

    Turkey will face Algeria in the last match of the group on Friday, August 12.