While waiting to define the Raspadori and Frattesi issues, Dionisi will have to deal with a team without the Scamacca striker

    A train has already left. And he brought Scamacca to London and the Premier League. Two others are stationary, awaiting developments on the transfer market front: Raspadori likes Napoli, Frattesi likes Juve and more. This year Sassuolo will have to do without some precious pieces. From a fantasy perspective, however, not much changes: Dionisi knows where to start again. The certainty is still Berardi, author of 15, 17 and 14 goals in the last three leagues. The form remains the same, the 4-2-3-1, with Mimmo and Traoré wide on the wings but still in charge of attacking the goal. The Ivorian shone in the first months of 2022 (6 goals from February onwards) and – listed midfielder – can find the exploit this season. In the median start holders Lopez And Frattesion the trocar (for now) there is Raspadori behind Alvarez: the 2001 class comes from Penarol, where he scored in bursts, but it could take a while to adapt to Italian football. With the possible arrival of Pinamonti, then, he would risk an uncomfortable turnover for his fantasy coaches. The summer market also brought in neroverde Thortsvedt: the 23-year-old attacking midfielder showed physical prowess and excellent ideas, but has yet to fully enter into the mechanisms of Dionisi. He costs 27 credits and has a great feeling with the opposing goal: if taken as a 6th or 7th slot in midfield, it could be a good deal. To complete the eleven owner will take care of the usual Adviceirreplaceable between the posts, while in defense the re-entrant Erlic joins the line made up of Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos and one between Toljan and Muldur.

    Who to take

    During the auction, the Sassuolo jewels go away at great cost. One step below Lukaku, Immobile & Co, Berardi And Raspadori they play it with everyone: they can easily reach double figures and guarantee excellent marks. Also Advice it is a certainty, especially for those who prefer to alternate between two goalkeepers from mid-table teams. Neroverde is also a penalty keeper.

    Who to avoid

    Not convincing Kyriakopoulos, both by average rating (5.88 in 21/22), and in terms of bonuses: since joining Sassuolo, he has scored just one goal. It is a risk to rely on Toljanoften on the bench to make room for Muldur, as well as Defrelwhose playing time is getting shorter and shorter.


    Thortsvedt it’s a possible surprise, as well as Erlic And Traoré. The Ivorian has already shown the qualities of him, it is true, but this year he can become one of the best in his department.

    Typical formation (4-2-3-1)

    Advice; Toljan, Erlic, Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos; Lopez, Frattesi; Berardi, Raspadori, Traore; Alvarez.