THEHis first New Year’s Eve with his new partner Noemi Bocchi doesn’t have such a relaxed atmosphere. At least, looking at the Instagram profile of Francesco Totti, the insults that are coming to him because of his physical appearance immediately catch the eye. It seems that the former Roma captain has a slightly softer shape than usual. AND many are commenting with unwarranted ferocity.

    A 2023 that started with body shaming

    The former footballer, after the end of the story with Ilary Blasi, flew to Miami in the company of Noemi Bocchi and his children. The conductor of‘Island of the Famoushowever, celebrated the arrival of the new year in Bangkok with Bastian Muller.

    Er Pupone did a few days on the mainland and then he moved with the whole company on a cruiseas well documented by some photographs published by their children Chanel and Cristian.

    But a photograph published three days ago on Instagram profile of the former footballer – an advertising post to sponsor a car – has been the target of many haters. The low angle definitely doesn’t show off her physical form and the comments are heavy.

    «A France’… stay a double chin»writes a user, collecting more than 800 “likes”. “France is great less”, writes another. It’s still. «Did you buy Chanel bags?»referring to rumors that the footballer hid some of his wife’s bags after having some of his Rolexes stolen.

    Francesco Totti on February 10, 2022 in Rome. Credit: Ernesto Ruscio/GC Images

    Francesco Totti and the new life with Noemi Bocchi

    The former Giallorossi captain did not respond to the criticisms. And he left the comments clearly visible under his photograph. Perhaps in this phase of great change in his life he has no intention of wasting time with those who insult. It is certain, however, that these last few months have been very special for him who, as his new partner revealed on Instagram, has also moved into a new house among other things. In fact, Totti would have moved to northern Rome together with Bocchi, in the residential area of ​​Vigna Clara.

    Francesco Totti and the new penthouse: the first (Christmas) images revealed by Noemi Bocchi

    In the photo published by Noemi Bocchi, you can see it a large living room with a bay window with a view. And the writing “Work in progress” meant the desire to start writing the first pages of a new love story.

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    Ilary Blasi, for his part, was already seen at the end of November with the new comrade Bastiana German entrepreneur with whom he has already spent some romantic weekends, between Zurich and Bangkok.