Former Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi arrested

This prank backfired: Jean Alesi was arrested by the police for putting a firecracker in front of the window for his brother-in-law. The officers recorded significant property damage.

Former Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi has been temporarily taken into custody after a failed joke with a New Year’s Eve firecracker. The 57-year-old had exploded on the office window of his brother-in-law in his home town of Villeneuve-les-Avignon on Sunday evening and caused property damage.

Alesi had to go to the police station

Scared neighbors called the police. A vehicle moving away from the crime scene with the lights off was assigned to Alesi’s brother, Jose. After his arrest, Alesi went to the police station to investigate but was taken into custody like his son and a friend who were in the car with him.

As the public prosecutor of the AFP news agency said, Alesi only wanted to allow himself a “bad joke”. He did not expect such damage.

The Frenchman Alesi drove in Formula 1 between 1989 and 2001. He started a total of 201 races, including for Ferrari.



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