Floriade is again short of millions, the municipality of Almere wants to help the province and the government

The Floriade organization has to deploy 7.3 million euros from a reserve pot, which means that it needs 7.1 million euros to be able to handle new risks. This is evident from an article published last week report of the municipality of Almere, about which Omroep Flevoland will talk on Monday reported. According to the commission, the new amount should not only come from the municipality, but also from the province of Flevoland and the central government.

The million-dollar deficit was largely caused by the lack of sponsorship income. Revenues from this are EUR 6.4 million lower than expected; companies appear to be reluctant to sponsor due to the corona virus due to great financial uncertainty. The costs for catering, personnel costs and ground work also turn out to be approximately 900,000 euros lower than expected.

The organization has a further 3.1 million euros in reserve, if future sponsorship income is lower. It also reserves 1.2 million euros for possible disappointing transport and parking income.

The municipality of Almere is currently in talks with the central government and the province about the support. It is not yet known whether the latter two will provide financial assistance, and by what amount, if any. A spokesperson for the municipality of Almere could oppose NRC say nothing about the progress of the talks. The council has not yet asked the city council to approve the allocation of extra money, because the amount depends on the possible support from the province and the national government.


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