Flash Trabzonspor Konyaspor match evaluation from Hakkı Yalçın

A life fell from excitement in Trabzon on Sunday night. With the pain of 45-year-old Eyüp Yusuf, the father of 3 children, whose heart could not stand the love of Trabzonspor, hearts fell into hearts. Everyone has an evening in the stands, but Eyüp Yusuf’s last evening was dramatic. “I had no other choice,” he said to fate, “I love Trabzonspor enough to die.” Eyüp Yusuf is a martyr of love, his name is now registered in Trabzonspor’s life.

Trabzonspor is the master of our league this season, I’m not saying this for leadership and points difference. I say this because it is the best managed club in the league, it has the most courageous players and the most special coach. The magnificent run in the team continues as if there is no point difference.

Abdullah Hunter is always the captain and crew of the ship, so Konya page was closed with 3 points. Since the beginning of the season, the most special football players of the team have been injured, some of them have closed the season, but there was no deviation from the game system.


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