First words from Felipe Melo after the transfer! Pitbull isn’t dead yet

Felipe Melo made statements after his transfer to Fluminense.

38-year-old experienced midfielder “If I have to fight on the field to defend Fluminense’s colours, I’ll make it clear that Pitbull isn’t dead yet. But off the field, I’m more like a labrador. I’m very docile and attached to my family.” said.

Melo, “I get up very early in the morning. I go for a walk with my little dog, I read the bible. My dog’s name is Tartufo. He’s a labrador from Italy. I have a great time with him. When I was in Sao Paulo, I had a pitbull named Bold. He won the best pitbull award in Brazil for 6 – He won 7 times. I’ll take him with me soon.” He ended his speech with his words.

Felipe Melo, who played for Galatasaray between 2011 and 2015, signed a contract with Fluminense until December 2023 after not signing a new contract with Palmeiras, where he spent the last 5 seasons.


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