Fewer Flemish people started living together with a partner during the corona year 2020 | Inland

Statistics Flanders examined the changes in ‘household positions’ for the fourth year. Relatively speaking, slightly fewer residents changed their household position in 2020, namely 8,000 fewer Flemings compared to 2019. This represents a small decrease from 77.5 to 76.3 per 1,000 inhabitants. In general, fewer people started living together with a partner than in 2019. Especially young adults, single parents, people living alone and residents of foreign origin changed little in their living situation.

Due to the corona crisis, the death figures came into full attention. The virus therefore led to 8,500 more deaths in the Flemish Region in 2020 than in 2019. The immigration figures, on the other hand, fell by 17 percent due to the restrictive travel rules. There were 13,500 fewer international immigrations last year. The combination of the higher death rate and lower immigration rate contributed to more limited population growth.

What is also striking is the low number of divorces. This figure was expected to be somewhat higher due to the mandatory lockdown and the relationship tensions that would result. But that figure remains unchanged from previous years. Still, Flanders Statistics warns that the 2021 figures could end up higher due to a “postponement effect”. Administrative and legal services were less accessible in 2020, possibly leading to couples breaking up later.


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