Fedasil: “No reception places left in Jabbeke at the moment”

Fedasil: “No reception places left in Jabbeke at the moment”

According to the newspaper De Morgen, which is based on figures from Minister of Defense Dendonder, only 54 of the 132 emergency shelters in Jabbeke have been taken.

Fedasil: “The Civil Protection sites in Jabbeke were used as emergency shelters. Jabbeke has a capacity of 138. However, it was clear from the start that this capacity could only become operational gradually. After all, there was still work to be done and deliveries to be made before this site was completely ready for reception.”


For Jabbeke, this means in concrete terms that work is still being carried out by the Buildings Agency and that the capacity of Civil Protection can be expanded. There is also no final solution for catering yet. Civil Protection has issued a government contract for this, but that contract has yet to be awarded. “Such things take time. Only after this process has been completed can Fedasil be able to expand the capacity in Jabbeke. An interim solution makes it possible to organize catering for 75 people.”

Moreover, it has been agreed with the local government of Jabbeke that the center will be reserved as a priority for the most vulnerable profiles, such as families and single women. “In concrete terms, this means that we must reserve sufficient places for this target group at all times, as we cannot predict how many families and single women will present themselves the next day to submit an application for international protection.”