In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will start tomorrow, hosted by Qatar, the claim of fake fans is occupied by the football public.

    It has been talked about for a while that fake fans will take part in the number one organization of football, which will be held in a country in the Arab world, at the level of national teams. It is claimed that Qatar, which is estimated to have spent about 220 billion dollars in the preparation process of the World Cup, “hired” fans from many countries, including the European continent, in exchange for money and tickets due to the lack of sufficient interest in the tournament.

    It is claimed that the fans, who are claimed to be Pakistani citizens, have been coming to Qatar for a while for the World Cup.

    2022 FIFA World Cup CEO Nasser Al Khater, in a statement to Qatar News Agency, emphasized that the allegations that fans were “hired” in exchange for money and tickets are absolutely not true.

    Stating that the allegations are completely unfounded, Al Khater said, “This is an attempt to question Qatar’s ability to host the World Cup. Ever since Qatar won the right to host the World Cup, there have been constant attempts to spoil the image of the tournament. This has been the case for over 30 years. “It is an attempt to humiliate a group of people who have been living in Qatar for a while. Most Qatari citizens love football. We confirm that these allegations are completely unfounded.” used the phrases.

    Nearly 3 million tickets have been sold so far for the tournament, which will start tomorrow with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.