Experts appreciate the idea of ​​vaccinating 700 thousand people a day against coronavirus – RBK

“It was necessary to vaccinate 500 thousand people a day in the summer, to use all the methods – up to the QR code. And now, in my opinion, they were late with this, at least six months. Due to the fact that they were dragging on, and people developed “counter-pressure”, – said the head of the laboratory of especially dangerous infections of the Federal Research Center for Fundamental and Translational Medicine (FRC FTM), professor of virology Alexander Chepurnov.

According to him, now it is difficult to understand what is better to do – to insist on vaccination or not. The virologist noted that he himself was a great supporter of vaccination and from the very beginning of the pandemic he said that it was necessary to take measures, enter QR codes, and prevent unvaccinated people from being transported by air and trains.

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“That is what we have come to today. But by this time, a powerful opposition had ripened in our country from people who are under no circumstances ready to be vaccinated, and this threatens with social problems. In addition, mutations have emerged that mostly evade existing vaccines, ”Chepurnov said.

Gunzburg warned against vaccination “an hour by a teaspoon”

He said that he was not sure about the need to “twist the arms” of people in order to achieve total vaccination. According to the virologist, it is necessary to actively engage in the development of new generation vaccines, “where cellular immunity would be more strongly activated, which would activate other mechanisms.” In particular, it is necessary to figure out whether the binding antibodies are a conductor that promotes the generalization of infection when infected with omicron. The point is that the omicron strain can infect vaccinated and recovered patients. And “only after that is it worth moving on to persistent vaccination,” the expert concluded.

Gunzburg said earlier that 500-700 thousand people a day should be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Russia. “So that we can cover the country with an umbrella in six months against all these options, against which, as we see, Sputnik is acting,” he told Interfax.


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