Erica Meiland was asked to work for Wybren van Haga’s political party, but declined the offer. “That was not my department,” said the SBS 6 reality star.

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    The 59-year-old Erica Meiland has been politically active in the Noordwijk city council for some time now. She has also had political ambitions in the past; there was a time when she wanted to work for Geert Wilders’ PVV. Coincidentally, the two both have birthdays on September 6 and congratulated each other a few months ago.

    Erica doesn’t want to

    Now that Erica has become such a well-known and appealing name, she has also become interesting for politics. “I was asked to join a large national political party,” she says in the Story. “By someone famous. But that was not my department. Jan Dijkgraaf (family friend and biographer, ed.) also said: ‘You shouldn’t do that.’”

    Initially, Erica does not want to say which party it is about. “No, it wasn’t Geert Wilders. No Forum for Democracy either, a bit in between. I’m not going to say who is.”

    No for Wybren

    The first suspicion is that it concerns Caroline van der Plas, but she denies that in the Story. “I think it’s Wybren van Haga,” she says.

    Wybren is the face of the political party Belang van Nederland (BVNL), which has 1 seat in the polls. When Story asks Erica if she was indeed asked by him, she still confirms the offer.