Kaarle Kustaa’s speeches about the order of succession to the crown have aroused criticism in Sweden.

    King Kaarle Kustaa considers the law reform that changed the order of succession to the Swedish crown to be unfair. PDO

    King Kaarle Kustaa’s statement on the order of succession to the crown has attracted a lot of criticism in Sweden.

    Kaarle Kustaa has said that he hoped for Prince Carl Philip to be king and that he considered the constitutional reform that changed the order of succession to the crown to be unfair.

    When Carl Philip, 43, was born in the spring of 1979, a constitutional reform was under way, according to which the eldest child, regardless of gender, inherits the crown. After constitutional changes came into force in January 1980, Princess Victoria, 45, became the eldest child heir to the crown.

    Journalist, editor-in-chief of Svensk Damtidningen Johan T. Lindwall wonders why the king has wanted to raise the issue more than 40 years later.

    – I think it’s incredibly strange that she hasn’t gotten over it and doesn’t understand how good it was for the monarchy that Victoria became the crown princess and what she’s doing for the monarchy, commented Lindwall.

    Lindwall believes that Kaarle Kustaa was unhappy that he could not influence the reform.

    Kaarle Kustaa’s speeches about the order of succession to the crown have surprised experts. PDO

    – He is an incredibly conservative person, he considers it unfair and has not forgotten it. Now he thinks he can keep his mouth shut because this year he has been in power for 50 years.

    “Victoria is not happy”

    Lindwall believes that Crown Princess Victoria is not happy with her father’s words.

    – From a young age, she has been preparing for the fact that she will one day become Queen of Sweden – a job she has always taken seriously, says Lindwall.

    Kaarle Kustaa has stuck to his position. According to the king, the relationship between the siblings is fine.

    Also a journalist Paul Ronge considers the king’s statement inappropriate. According to Ronge, the king showed a lack of solidarity towards Victoria with his speeches.

    – He (the king) now tried to fix it, because she is a successful young woman. The fact that he raised the issue is disgusting, unnecessary and inappropriate, Ronge commented.

    Royal Expert Sanna-Mari Hovin according to the reform can be interpreted as unfair, because it came into effect retroactively. However, Hovi found Kaarle Kustaa’s speeches “a bit strange”.

    – However, Victoria has proven to be a good heir to the crown and probably Kaarle Kustaa wants to support her in all possible ways, Hovi told Iltalehte.

    King Kaarle Kustaa himself noticed that there was an uproar about what he said, and he clarified what he said on the official Facebook page of Kungahuset.

    – I have been deeply hurt when I have read comments in which it is claimed that I would not stand behind my daughter Crown Princess Victoria as successor to the Swedish throne. I would like to clarify that my interview answers should not be taken as criticism of the female heir to the crown or Crown Princess Victoria, the king says in a statement.

    – A female heir to the crown is a matter of course for me. The crown princess is my successor. He is a unique asset to me, my family and our country. I am proud of him and his tireless work for Sweden.

    King Kaarle Kustaa gave a speech in Åland. Antti Nikkanen

    Source: Svensk Damtidningen, Aftonbladet