THE tastes in manicure they can be very various and show off simple and natural nails it can often be a safe choice, synonymous with elegance. Massimo Albini, OPI Nail Artist in the interview she reveals the secrets for perfect hands all year round.

    Simple and natural nails: 3 fundamental steps

    There are mainly three beauty steps explained by OPI Nail Artist to have well-groomed hands without exceeding with excessive nail polish or nail art.

    “First of all, we need to keep e under control shorten regrowth. To adjust the length and get the correct shape you can use a cardboard or glass file and always proceed in the same direction so as not to flake the tip of the nail. Beware of don’t round off the corners too much to prevent them from becoming ingrown and leave 1-2 mm of growth» he begins to explain Massimo Albini.

    “Subsequently, push cuticles. These don’t work removed since they are there natural defense of the entire nail system against chemical, physical and infectious agents.

    «They must be cared for and not traumatized: after massaging the cuticles with a fast-acting exfoliating cream, use a tool “push cuticles” or a cherry wood stick to gently push them back. Only if very abundant and protruding can they be removed with special scissors».

    “At this point, puse the “buffer” or a “brick” to polish the nail surface for a brilliant and uniform result. Finally you can apply an emollient cream on your hands or a nourishing oil which hydrates and softens any dry skin».

    Treatments, products and rituals for well-groomed hands

    «The sudden changes in temperature in winter can compromise the hydration of the hands. It can be guessed from discomfort, desquamation and light rednessespecially the knuckles.”

    «Relying on creams specifically designed for the hands and moisturizing them every time you wash them helps restore the skin’s natural hydration. If possible, you should try to limit excessive washing. Better not to use hot water or harsh soaps which more quickly eliminate the natural oils of the skin. Wear gloves when outdoors it increases the humidity of the air near the skin and slows down dehydration».

    Another tip is to use a glove/mask a couple of times a week in the evening before going to bed. The latest generation ones are enriched with vitamin E, macadamia oil, shea butter and aloe that help moisturize and soften even the driest skin.

    The most discreet and elegant colors for those who don’t like colored nail polish

    “The In addition to embellishing the nails, nail polish makes them uniform and bright» specifies the expert. “There are “nude effect” colors that adapt to the complexion and sublimate a minimalist manicure, elegant and delicate, while giving a tidy look. Some are so bright they make your fingers look longer and slenderer. Nonetheless, they remain classic nuances to use at all times, from weddings to casual weekends».

    A roundup of ideas for nails with a discreet look (Instagram/@tombachik and @chiaraferragni)

    «You can too apply a single pass for a more transparent finishwhich lets the natural color of the nails show through,” she continues.

    Among the most suitable nuances for those who don’t like nail polish «we find the rosy beige that suits light complexions, the candy pink and the pale pink. For those looking for a discretely elegant nail polish, the shades pastel, ivory and beige».

    Gel or semi-permanent: which one to choose?

    “Both systems are valid. The choice depends on the structural state of the nail plate and personal tastes. With the gel we can reinforce a thinned plate and work on length and shaperepairing chipping and inhibiting onychophagia (those who bite their nails)».

    «The gel is also available in nude colors that adapt to the complexion for a natural result. Over the so-called “reconstruction” gel, a color service such as nail polish or semi-permanent can possibly be applied» specifies the OPI expert.

    Nail art and chic decorations to embellish the nail

    “A “French Manicure” it is perfect for those who want simple and natural nails without sacrificing elegance. It involves drawing a very thin line on the end of the nail using not the classic white but soft or even metallic colors with light point effect».

    «To personalize the manicure with elegance, the nail art only on one or two fingers of the hand which are called “Accent Nail”. Qhis fingers can then be enhanced simply with a contrasting colour or with some decorations more or less complex like small refined polka dots and geometric lines. Or, why not, with the great return of glitter. The latest generation ones are also biodegradable and plastic free» concludes the expert.