Eini will release a new single on Friday, which deals with being disappointed in a relationship and getting over it.

    Ein plans to release a new album next year, with more songs in the same vein. ATTE KAJOVA

    Singer Eini, 61, has taken a new direction in her music. Today, Friday, he releases a new single I’m not crying after youwhich continues the strong and feminine line.

    – I have new songwriters Jonas Olsson and Kaisa Korhonen, who asked me what I would like to sing about and what would be my favorite topics. I answered that of course love, because it touches us all, Eini tells Iltalehte about the background of the new song.

    The story of the new song comes from the former relationship of Ein’s close friend. The friend had experienced numerous disappointments in the relationship, but finally had the courage to leave the relationship. This had completely broken her, but despite everything, she had gathered her feminine strength and risen from the deep waters.

    – I wanted to sing about how a woman regains her self-esteem. I wanted to sing about that strong woman who thinks: “God, I’m a wonderful woman”. One of the lines of the song was also born from that, the singer opens.

    Ein’s new single deals with strong femininity. ATTE KAJOVA

    Eini says that she has shared a preview of the song on the Tiktok video service, among others, where it has been very well received. Several women have commented to Ein that they can relate to the song.

    – The song’s message touches us all, Eini continues.

    The singer states that she immediately fell in love with the lyrics written by Korhonen. The song was created easily and Eini is also very satisfied with the vocal parts. He has used a “new, soft way of singing” when singing the song.

    – I didn’t correct a single line, not a word, nothing, Eini reveals about the lyrics.

    Eini says that this line will continue in the songs in the future as well. We can expect a new album from him next year, with a lot of similar songs.

    Ein’s new single En itke sun eräö can be heard on music streaming services on Friday, August 19.