Land revelations emerged during the trial of Jaswant Singh Chail, a 20-year-old boy arrested last Christmas in Windsor after sneaking into the estate, managing to get through the gates and security guards. His purpose was to kill Queen Elizabeth, who at that time was in his apartments.

    Queen Elizabeth looks out from the balcony: the crowd cheers for the Jubilee

    Queen Elizabeth in the crosshairs of a madman

    The intruder, with mask and hood, was armed with a bow and arrow and immediately confessed his intentions to the agents who intervened to arrest him on the rare charge of high treason. Intentions also explained in detail in a video he sent to about twenty people just before entering Windsor.

    I’m here to kill Queen Elizabeth

    These are the words spoken by Chail at the time of his arrest. The boy of Indian descent – resident in the city of Southampton in southern England and employed by a supermarket chain – is now detained in a maximum security psychiatric hospital and has appeared on video link during the trial which is taking place in London.

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    Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor, February 2022 (Getty Images)

    Revenge against the Royal Family

    Chail explained that, by assassinating the sovereign, he wanted to take revenge for the Royal Family’s treatment of the citizens of India in the years of British colonization. And to ensure access to Elizabethhe had spent months devising a thorough plan that also included joining the military or police in order to be present at the Royal ceremonials.

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