Driving schools will start working in a new way from March 1

All Russian driving schools from March 1, 2022 are required to provide the traffic police with a list of students for verification. This order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia will be valid until March 1, 2028.

The list of students must be submitted to the examination departments of the traffic police no later than 10 days before the start of driving practice. The list can be provided both by mail and through your personal account on the public services portal. Inspectors of the State Traffic Inspectorate will then check the information about the organizations that issued medical certificates to applicants for a driver’s license. In addition, the traffic police will check whether there are candidates among the candidates who have medical contraindications for driving, or people who have previously been deprived of their driver’s licenses. If such are identified, the driving school will be informed about this in three days.

The new procedure also applies to the interaction of the traffic police and driving schools during exams. Driving schools must send a statement to the traffic police with the number of examinees, the date of examinations, including repeated exams, as well as listing the categories and subcategories of vehicles.

The ministerial order stipulates the possibility of refusing a driving school in the date, time and place of examinations as part of an organized group. In case of refusal, the reason may be the suspension, termination or revocation of the school’s license, as well as the lack of a driving school’s license to conduct educational activities. The traffic police are also given three days to respond. In this case, the exam schedule will be posted on the official website of the traffic police.

After changing the procedure for passing exams from April 1, 2021, drivers who passed the driving license exam the first time, decreased by 20 percent… Among the most common mistakes in exams, the traffic police calls parking back to the garage and parallel parking in reverse, as well as ignoring turn signal and refusal to give way predominant vehicles or emergency vehicles.


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