Did you notice the actor’s genius gimmick at the Oscars? Try it yourself!

There is no easier way to try bangs.

Florence Pugh All Over Press

American actress Florence Pugh’s ingenious trick from the Oscars is suitable for those who are still not sure if they want to commit to bangs.

Florence Pugh All Over Press

Hairdresser to the stars Peter Lux tied the actress’s blonde hair in a high bun, from which the ends of the hair were hidden on the star’s temple like bangs. This is how a trendy micro header is created – and completely without scissors.

You can forget months of commitment to bangs, when you can style one for just one evening.

If the image is not visible, you can view it from here.

The ponnari is additionally decorated with a narrow velvet ribbon, which is tied on a bow. The actress’s look is completed by subtle light pink lipstick and elegant, terracotta-colored Smoky eye makeup with a black border.

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