Frankfurt (Reuters) – According to calculations by banks and brokerage houses, a few hours before the eagerly awaited US interest rate decision, the Dax will start lower on Wednesday.

    On Tuesday, concerns about the economy pushed it down one percent to 12,670.83 points.

    On the stock exchange, it is certain that the Fed will raise its key interest rate by 0.75 percentage points in the evening (CEST) for the third time in a row. Some investors even think a move of a full percentage point is possible. “Even a historical rate hike of a full percentage point alone would probably not trigger a crash on the stock market tomorrow,” said investment strategist Jürgen Molnar from the brokerage house RoboMarkets. “The facts created in this way could even trigger a small rally.”

    Experts consider the monetary policy outlook of the US Federal Reserve to be almost more important than the interest rate decision itself. “The Fed needs to at least clarify the conditions needed to slow the pace of rate hikes to 50 basis points,” said economist Blerina Uruci of wealth manager T.Rowe Price.

    Closing prices of European indices as of

    on the previous trading day



    Dax future




    EuroStoxx50 Future


    US indices closing prices at level change

    previous trading day

    Dow Jones

    30,706.23 -1.0 percent


    11,425.05 -1.0 percent

    S&P 500

    3,855.93 -1.1 percent

    Asian indices on Wednesday stand change


    27,358.34 -1.2 percent


    3,105.02 -0.6 percent

    hang seng

    18,496.95 -1.5 percent

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