Noa Vahle, the daughter of Linda de Mol, ‘thinks’ that the presentation of HLF8 is still a bridge too far for her at the moment. However, she seems to have a chance: “Your name is already being called.”

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    She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth: Noa Vahle. As a member of the billionaire family De Mol, she is making a rapid career in the TV world: she only has to snap her fingers or it is arranged. It would not surprise anyone if she can also be the new presenter of HLF8.

    Too ambitious

    Johan Derksen, John de Mol’s errand boy, presents it to Noa in the online section In The Hallways. “Don’t you also want to become a presenter of HLF8? Isn’t that for you?”

    Noa: “Well, that’s a step too far I think.”

    John: “Do you think?”

    Noa: “That’s a bit too ambitious.”

    Name called

    Wilfred Genee then reveals that Noa does have a chance. “Your name will be called.”

    Noa semi-surprised: “Is that so?”

    Johan: “Well, you are no competition for the names that are mentioned. haha!”

    He is referring to Manuel Venderbos and Sander Lantinga. “You’re not a fan of that, are you?”, says Noa.

    John: “No.”

    Big compliment

    Johan has called his boss’s niece on television ‘the TV talent of the year’. Noa: “Yes, I was a bit shocked. It is of course great to hear that from Johan.”

    That doesn’t mean anything coming from Johan’s mouth, does it? It’s deep in John’s. Noah: “I don’t think so. If it comes out of my mouth, you won’t believe it, but I think Johan is quite straightforward and objective.”

    From behind desk

    Johan repeats his opinion in the online section of VI: “Noa is the discovery of the year. She was taken behind a desk, without any experience, she was put in front of a camera and she did it better than anyone else.”

    Removed from behind a desk without experience and put in front of a camera. What is it popularly called? Nepotism.