Danya Milokhin showed injuries after a collision with a cyclist

Milokhin showed his subscribers fresh wounds on his face. According to unconfirmed reports, the blogger was the victim of an inattentive cyclist in the center of Moscow.

On Tuesday, blogger Danya Milokhin posted a photo on his Instagram page in which he shows facial abrasions to subscribers. There was no comment from the author, but according to unconfirmed reports, he was hit by a cyclist when the social media star briefly left the cabin of his premium car.

There is no official data on the incident, according to some information, it happened on February 15 in Moscow on Zemlyanoy Val. The blogger got out of his Maybach car to pick up things from the trunk, at which point he was hit by a cyclist. Milokhin fell, hit his head and lost consciousness for a while.

This situation in social networks was described by a certain person who introduced himself as the manager of the star. Whether the victim sought medical attention is unknown.


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