Cyclist narrowly escapes explosion at coffee shop

A cyclist crawled through the eye of the needle at the Caza coffee shop in Tilburg on Carnival Saturday. Just after he drove past the shop, there was a huge explosion. This is evident from images that were shown in Bureau Brabant on Monday of the explosion at the coffee shop on the Gasthuisring on February 18. It was the second attack on the business in a short time.

In October last year, a hand grenade was found in front of the coffee shop. An explosive that didn’t go off then. On February 18, things were different. There was a loud bang and an enormous flash of light, as can be seen on surveillance images in the investigation program. As in October, no one was injured. Although in the case of the passing cyclist it was only a hair.

In the broadcast of Bureau Brabant, images of the perpetrator of the attack in February were shown on Monday. He can be seen throwing something burning at the case after he has been walking around the case for some time.

Striking shoes
The perpetrator can be seen on the images at various times. The police therefore hope that there are people who know who it is. Striking detail: his shoes. Most likely from the Nike brand, type Jordan 1.

Surveillance footage of the perpetrator (Image: Bureau Brabant).
Surveillance footage of the perpetrator (Image: Bureau Brabant).

Several witnesses reported an explosion at the coffee shop on the Gasthuisring around four o’clock on that Saturday morning in February. After the explosion, a small fire started in the street, which was quickly extinguished by a bystander.

The mayor of Tilburg, Theo Weterings, decided last week that the coffee shop should remain closed for three months. A decision he also made earlier after the discovery of the hand grenade. The business had only just reopened at the time of the explosion.


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