Cristina Kirchner vs. Alberto Fernández and the challenge of slowing down the rupture of the Frente de Todos

Cristina Kirchner Y Alberto Fernandez they move closer, brush by brush, to a position close to breaking. Some believe that, beyond the fact that the fire was once again contained, the scenario is very difficult to turn back. The public letters of the president marked that path, from “officials who do not work” to the open claim post STEP, which publicly aired anger with the president, who listens but does not act accordingly, according to the majority shareholder of the Front of All.

“I always highlighted the lack of effectiveness in different areas of government,” he wrote in that sentence. Cristina Kirchner He has proven in his communication more congruence and inflexibility than the president, who publicly adjusts his speech according to the interlocutor. And he had also warned days before of the resignation of Maximo Kirchner to the presidency of the bloc, which did not agree with the agreement: he did it in writing and then in his speech from Honduras.

The IMF is in the dialectic of Kirchnerism the enemy. And the smiles of the minister Martin Guzman during the announcement they were not in that tune. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Kirchnerism, in addition to the fact that at Casa Rosada, as part of the celebrations for the agreement, a vindication of Albertism over Kirchnerism. A victory that made the presidential red circle dream of an emancipation from the Kirchnerism that undermines it.

“I am not going to continue tolerating press operations from the presidential environment itself,” CFK had written post PASO. Máximo’s resignation can be read in that sense. He was annoyed that the albertista fervor reached some half-friends with that tone. “If they think they don’t need us let’s see how they manage on their own”, they said in response to the deputy who complicated the parliamentary approval of the agreement, when it occurs.

From the presidency they believe that Máximo’s resignation will not have consequences. that the replacement by Gerardo Martinez It will allow a better articulation of the block, and Sergio Massa will have no obstacles to weave his network of alliances project by project, without the vice president’s son kicking the board at the last moment. “A king dead, king set”, he was celebrated even in albertismo, which he looks at today, after returning from the Asian trip, the polls in which the image of the president picks up.

Indeed, after the announcement of a preliminary agreement with the IMF, the approval of the management of Alberto Fernandez had a positive jump above 5 points. And the most notable improvements occurred precisely in those in which Peronism does not govern, with Mendoza and the City of Buenos Aires leading the way. The latest Latin American elections, which the government is watching closely, are just proof that timely turns to the center are rewarded at the polls.

And Albertism believes that this is the way to reelect in 2023, moving away from the harshest approaches of Kirchnerism and the fight with justice, especially to end the causes that complicate the vice president and her environment, part of the “prenuptial agreement” that the president delayed in its fulfillment during 2020, doomed to the pandemic, but today he believes it has been settled.

Across the street, Kirchnerism responds as the vice president did: that they don’t believe in the polls. “According to the polls, we were going to win the elections ‘very well,’” CFK wrote precisely after the PASO. And it is also known to be essential for a victory for the Front of All next year. sweep the waiver of Maximo Kirchner under the rug delays but does not avoid the conflict that looms in the ruling party.

If Alberto Fernández deepens the course that the Frente de Todos has taken, he is heading for a situation of inexorable rupture, they warn. The magnitude of the shock will depend on the speed it takes. But Kirchnerism has shown that it will not yield. Is a coalition collision course. If Albertism believes that it can become independent, Kirchnerism has already shown that it will abandon it, and the result in terms of governance it will be complex for the president.

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