Crimean authorities decided to return QR codes three days earlier than planned – RBC

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS

In Crimea, from January 17, access to public places using QR codes returns, the corresponding decree was signed by the head of the region Sergey Aksyonov. Document published on the website of the government of Crimea. Previously, a return to QR codes, canceled since the end of December, was planned on January 20.

From January 17, residents of the region will be required to present a QR code, a certificate of vaccination or having had COVID-19, or a negative PCR test when visiting restaurants and cafes, shopping centers, beauty salons, fitness clubs, cinemas, museums and other public institutions. Also, these documents will be required for walking and bus tours.

The exception is cafes and restaurants located at the airport and train station.

The authorities of Transbaikalia introduced QR codes for visiting shopping centers

Photo: Maxim Kiselev / TASS

Also, from January 17 until further notice, check-in to hostels is suspended.


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