Coronavirus, another 30,810 cases and 142 victims in Italy today. 8.96% positivity rate


Cases currently positive, cured, deaths and total cases from first detection to date. New cases day by day

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In Tuscany there are nine other deaths, hospitalizations are constantly increasing

Nine, five men and four women with an average age of 79 have died from Covid in the last 24 hours in Tuscany. The total number of deaths caused by Covid in the region since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 7,525. In Tuscany there are 337,126 overall cases of Coronavirus positivity. The average age of 2,843 new positives today is approximately 36 years (21% are under 20, 39% between 20 and 39, 28% between 40 and 59, 10% between 60 and 79, 2% have 80 years or older). The healed grew by 0.2% and reached 297,328 (88.2% of total cases). The currently positive are 32,273 today, + 7.6% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 569 (54 more than yesterday), of which 76 in intensive care (4 more).

Umbria, positive and isolated almost the same level

Both the currently positive for Covid, now 8,507, and the people in absent-minded isolation, 8,405, in Umbria have grown by 12 percent on the last day. Almost 17 thousand people altogether out of just over 860 thousand residents. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 77,032 cases of Covid have been recorded and 67,024 recovered.

Piedmont: 13 deaths and over 4,600 new infections, +66 hospitalizations

The Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region reported 4,611 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 3,877 after antigen tests), equal to 9.1% of 50,868 swabs performed, of which 44,693 antigenic. Of the 4,611 new cases, 3,344 were asymptomatic (72.5%). There are 3,640 screening cases, 766 case contacts, 205 with ongoing investigation. The total of positive cases becomes 458,177. Thirteen deaths of people positive for the Covid-19 test, two today, were reported by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region. The total then becomes 12,010 deaths who tested positive for the virus.

+309 cases in the Marche in 24 hours, five deaths

The holiday effect on the contagion data in the Marche continues: just 309 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours (yesterday 385), in the face of a low number of swabs, 2,377 in the diagnostic screening process, with 13% positivity (total tampons 3,344), with a cumulative incidence rate of 337.94 per 100 thousand inhabitants. According to data from the Marche Region, there are 245 hospitalizations (+4 on yesterday), of which 42 in intensive care (+4), 50 in semi-intensive care (-1), 153 (+1) in non-intensive wards, ten discharged on the last day. Occupancy of the beds is 16.8%, in the medical area (unchanged at 203) 20.97%. Four new deaths: 4 women between the ages of 87 and 96 died, all with previous pathologies, bringing the total to 3,225.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia 154 positives and 10 deaths

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia, on 1,770 molecular swabs, 103 new infections have been detected, with a positive percentage of 5.82 percent. In addition, 4,735 rapid antigenic tests have been carried out, from which 51 cases (1.08%) were detected. Ten people died today. The number of people hospitalized in intensive care has dropped to 27, while patients hospitalized in other departments amount to 284. This was announced by the deputy governor of the Region with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi.


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