Conner Rousseau does not predict a hard lockdown scenario for us like in the Netherlands | Coronavirus what you need to know

Tomorrow the Consultation Committee will meet again to evaluate the measures against the corona virus. There has been a lot of discussion in recent days about additional measures. A lockdown such as the one announced by the Netherlands this weekend also raises questions about the decision our country will take. According to Vooruit chairman Conner Rousseau, we need not fear that, he made that clear in ‘De Warmste Week’.

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Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit) said in ‘Terzake’ that due to the great uncertainty surrounding the omikron variant, we should also take extra measures so that schools can reopen after the Christmas holidays. His party chairman Conner Rousseau joins him in this during an interview for ‘De Warmste Week’. “If we want the children to be able to go back to school after the Christmas holidays, we have to be careful. We are boosting en masse and the numbers are going in the right direction, but if a new threat emerges, we have to be careful.”

Lockdown not an issue

Although “be careful” does not mean a lockdown for the Vooruit chairman: “No one knows in advance what exactly will come of such a consultation committee, but it is about balanced matters. A lockdown like in the Netherlands can be avoided. That is not the case at the moment,” VRT NWS reads.

Christmas and New Year

Rousseau knows what is on the table, but does not want to say much about concrete measures. However, he does lift a corner of the veil about the private sphere. According to him, the government will intervene as little as possible in this. “The big parties are not in it, but I don’t think anyone expected that either. I celebrated New Years alone last year. This year I plan to celebrate with some friends. For me, and I think for many, still an improvement compared to last year.”

Stricter controls

According to Rousseau, instead of intervening in the private sphere, the controls should be tightened up: “A restaurant where they still don’t scan the CST? That is not possible after all these months. Be strict on people who do not follow the rules and let us take the third jab en masse”, concludes the chairman.

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