The 70-year-old bus driver who hit a 12-year-old cyclist on March 10, 2020 has been given 100 hours of community service and a six-month driving ban. That was decided by the judge on Tuesday afternoon.

    On March 10, 2020 got the bus driver three cycling students in a tight spot at the Westeinde in Berkhout. The bracket of the right wing mirror then hit the outer cyclist, after which she fell and was run over by the rear wheel of the bus.

    The victim was seriously injured and had to be resuscitated. More than two years later, she is still recovering from her injuries.

    According to the court in Alkmaar, there is more going on than ‘just an error of judgment’ on the part of the suspect: “Despite his extensive experience, he completely misjudged the traffic situation at that time. When overtaking one has to be extra alert and careful, especially when the involves a bus overtaking a group of school-age children whose cycling behavior is unpredictable.”

    Insufficient space

    By overtaking there without adjusting his speed to the situation, the driver caused the accident, according to the court. As a result, the victim suffered ‘serious and possibly irreparable injuries’. “For both the victim and her family, who have lived in uncertainty for weeks about her medical situation, the event has deeply affected their lives,” the judge said.