Sticking to the asphalt again: climate activists at Frankfurter Tor

    Climate adhesive on the asphalt (archive photo) Photo: spreepicture

    By Christian Bart

    The climate stickers are on the road again on Friday morning and are blocking traffic on Berlin’s streets!

    This time they are sitting and sticking on the A111 towards the city center at the Heckerdamm junction.

    They are also stuck on the A100 in the direction of Wedding and are blocking the Tempelhofer Damm exit. A traffic jam is already forming there.

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    The Sachsendamm exit is also blocked on the A100/A103 in the direction of Zentrum. There it is already backed up and there are delays of at least 25 minutes according to VIZ Berlin.

    Most recently, they blocked roads on Wednesday and moved to the Ministry of Transport during a disruptive action with jackhammers.


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