A nice rest is not possible for Evi, Evie, Sophie, Elsa and Senna (all 11 years old) from Warmenhuizen this Christmas holiday. For days they have been cycling through the entire village to collect Christmas trees. And the loot is huge, because a second garden has even been added as a storage place.

    They are often boys who start collecting Christmas trees in the neighborhood just after Christmas, but Warmenhuizen knows five brave girls who spend days on the road for a little pocket money. For friends Evi, Evie, Sophie, Elsa and Senna it is already the third year that they do this, but this year the pile of Christmas trees is very large.

    The video below shows how the girls attach the Christmas trees behind their bicycles and take them with them (text continues below the video).

    “I like it, because we are all working together,” says Sophie. But there is also hard work. Each tree is tied to the bicycle with a rope and then dragged to the house of one of the girls.

    At Sophie’s house, there is now no garden tile to be seen due to the large bump of Christmas trees, which is why the girls were forced to expand to an extra garden. “We now have a total of 126 Christmas trees,” Evie says proudly.

    Pocket money

    A fun activity, but it also gives the girls something. Today, the municipality is coming by to pick them up and shred them, and give the girls a reward for the hard work. “Then we get 50 cents per Christmas tree,” says Elsa. With more than 120 Christmas trees, that is a nice extra in the piggy bank of the hard workers.