Inflation fell to 9.6 percent in December 2022. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced this on Friday based on a quick estimate. In November inflation was still 9.9 percent. It is the third month in a row that inflation has fallen.

    Although prices are rising less rapidly, inflation is still considerably higher than a year earlier. Up to September, the inflation rate actually rose. The decrease is mainly due to the prices of gas and electricity, which recently fell due to, among other things, the warm winter weather in Europe. Energy was 30 percent more expensive in December than the year before. In November it was 41.3 percent.

    The falling inflation rate is not yet noticeable in the supermarket. Prices went up there even more. In November, food, beverages and tobacco were still 12.9 percent more expensive than twelve months previously, compared to 14 percent in December.

    It is the first time that CBS has published a rapid estimate like this. The organization notes that the figure of 9.6 percent is based on incomplete source data. The regular figures will follow on 10 January.