Chef Jeroen travels around in search of the secret of popular dishes

From Peking duck to paella, and from apple pie to shawarma. Chef Jeroen van Oijen from Waalwijk searches worldwide for the best recipes for these types of culinary evergreens. He wants to map out exactly one hundred recipes and to do so he regularly travels around the world. For the best rendang, for example, he went to a place on the Indonesian island of Sumatra where they make dozens of kilos of this beef dish every day. ‘Chef on a mission’, he calls it. He talks about it on Sunday in the talk show KRAAK. from Omroep Brabant.

For a long time, Jeroen van Oijen himself worked as a chef in the kitchen. For example, he did the catering at the PSV stadium in Eindhoven. He later co-founded the site ‘Gastronomix’, a professional recipe database used by tens of thousands of chefs. But Jeroen wanted to create more himself and that is why he came up with ‘Chef on a mission’.

And that chef, for example, traveled to Italy for the best risotto, to Vienna for the best wienerschitzel recipe, and to Budapest for goulash. But destinations that you would less expect are also on his list. So he goes to New York in search of the secret behind the best hot dog. He searches everywhere for the people who have made such a dish thousands of times. And he wants to transfer what he learns from those people in his cookbooks.

His ideal is to inspire a hundred thousand people in the coming years with knowledge about these popular dishes. There will be a series of five cookbooks, the first of which has already been published, containing twenty master classes, entitled ‘Master the originals‘.

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KRAAK is broadcast live every Sunday at 12 noon and then repeated. The program can also be viewed via Brabant+.