Charly Luske is terribly disappointed that RTL has removed his extremely popular performance in The Voice of Holland from YouTube. “80 million views, now what? Away!”

    © RTL

    Charly Luske’s career is not exactly of the level that he can effortlessly sell out a Ziggo Dome. He really has to have the schnabbels. “Thanks to YouTube, I have performed a lot abroad,” he explains in an interview with Panorama.

    Charlie removed

    His appearances in The Voice of Holland have been on YouTube for years and years, but were suddenly taken off after the abuse scandal came out.

    It is terrible for the victims, says Charly. “But don’t forget that of all the participants who participated in the first seasons, the videos have been removed from YouTube. For some, including myself, that’s a big disadvantage.”

    ‘It’s gone!’

    It has always provided Charly with many lucrative snacks. “My performance of It’s a Man’s World was viewed around 80 million times: gone! So my legacy is gone because I was on that program; I think RTL or Talpa have not thought about that.”

    Charly thinks it’s really bad. “I’m like, aren’t the victims of the misbehavior enough?”

    cleaning the street

    The blunt ax rules, Charly believes. “Hundreds of people who had nothing to do with that have been deprived of their bread and no reason is given. Sweeping one’s own street, it seems. They do not want the negative comments under the videos.”

    RTL no longer has to knock on the singer’s door for the time being. “Limiting the damage is all they have thought of, not all those involved who are affected by this now.”