No.never forget your roots. This is the message of Fedez in delivering a check for 130 thousand euros to the mayor of Rozzano to redevelop the town where he grew up. Today he lives in Milan, in a mega penthouse in Citylife with his wife Chiara Ferragni and their children Leone and Vittoria but is very attached to the southern outskirts of the Lombard capital, where his parents and grandmother Luciana still live. Hence the commitment to improve the municipal reality.

    Fedez and the 130 thousand donated to Rozzano

    I am very happy to contribute to the redevelopment of the suburbs from which I come and to give back some of the privileges acquired to the community of which I still feel I belong “wrote the singer on Instagram, sharing the images of the check given to the mayor Gianni Ferretti. The 130 thousand euros donated by the Fedez Foundation will be used for the “renovation and reconstruction of the municipal park of the city“. A project that Fedez had announced in July and which has already been implemented thanks to the Foundation created immediately after the surgery to remove a pancreatic tumor.

    A community that I still feel a part of

    It is no coincidence that Fedez has included Rozzano among the projects of his Foundation. The “place that has seen me grow up»He wrote on social media. Explaining that this is a way to “give back some of the privileges acquired to the community that I still feel I belong to.”

    Not only. At the base of the maxi check is the awareness that it is “it is essential to never forget your roots “. And, specifically, on the renovation project of the municipal park, Fedez explained that “today more than ever it is important to create spaces that allow people to get together and be together to rediscover the value of sociality”.

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    The rapper’s foundation

    The Fedez ETS Foundation is «a philanthropic, non-profit organization that operates on three founding pillars: social, solidarity and public utility“. A reality born recently, immediately after the illness: “The project I want to devote my energy to for the future,” he said, presenting the Foundation on social media. Which has already carried out several initiatives: from the isothermal van to transport medicines to Ukraine to the benefit concert in Milan to raise funds for Tog, foundation that deals with assisting children with complex neurological problems. Up to the maxi allowance for the redevelopment of Rozzano.