Hundreds of thousands of people are willing to bid Queen Elizabeth a final farewell.

    The queue to see the queen is more than five kilometers. PDO

    Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall yesterday, Wednesday, where it will remain until the funeral on Monday, September 19. The funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey.

    Citizens have the opportunity to say goodbye to the monarch who ruled the country for 70 years, but the wait for the coffin can be long. According to the BBC, the queue is about five kilometers long.

    The person interviewed by the BBC told the newspaper that he had already waited in line for eight hours. There is no time to sit for long periods of time in a queue that is constantly moving a little, even if you have packed a picnic chair with you.

    Wristbands have also been distributed to people queuing, so that they can leave the queue, for example to their needs or to a restaurant. More than 500 portable chemical toilets have been brought along the way.

    Cafes and restaurants in the surrounding areas will also be open longer than usual.

    Some of the queuers have royal accessories. PDO

    When necessary, accessibility is also taken into account in the queue. For example, there is a step-free access to Westminster Hall for people in wheelchairs. In addition, people traveling with a guide dog can get to the coffin with the animal.

    Identity proof is not required in front of Westminster Hall, but an airport-level security check is carried out for everyone entering the building. You may not bring in, for example, sharp utensils, camping equipment, advertising posters or even flowers. Flower memories can be taken to Green park.

    Those waiting in line are advised to reserve food and drink, personal medicines and a travel phone charger.